Incident Details

Robinz was charged in 2021 with sexual assault, unauthorized use of a computer database, and breach of trust following an ASIRT investigation after Robinz allegedly went to the home of a 24 year old woman, who he had previously interacted with during a call for service, and sexually assaulted her while on duty and in uniform. During ASIRT's investigation into Robinz, they found that he had allegedly repeatedly contacted female victims of crime in an attempt to pursue sexual relationships with them. ASIRT also found that Robinz had allegedly misused the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) to search for information related to individuals unrelated to police investigations. EPS suspended Robinz without pay following the sexual assault allegations being made in 2019.
Year 2021
  • unauthorized use of computer
  • breach of trust
  • sexual assault
  • CPIC
  • on-duty
  • charged
  • suspended without pay